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Glade History

Formed for the community by the community

Feb. 7, 1952: The first meeting was held at the Cornplanter Gun Club on Cobham Park Road to determine if there was a desire and need in Glade Township to form a fire department. Warren Boro Fire Department provided fire services to the residence of Glade Township but was charging a fee. The 60 men that attended the meeting felt there was a desire and need so they scheduled another meeting.

Mar. 13, 1952: A second meeting was held at the Irvinedale Elementary School This meeting was to find out how to form a volunteer fire department. Attendees decided to visit other fire departments in the area and see how they formed their departments and get examples of by-laws, articles of incorporation, training and equipment.

June 10, 1952: The Glade Volunteer Fire Department was incorporated and the members were going to use an engine that was supplied by Davies and Son's.

Glade Volunteer Fire Department Officers for 1952:

  • Chief: Charles Knapp
  • 1st. Assistant Chief: Wilbur Knapp
  • 2nd Assistant Chief: William Fox
  • President: Don Curtis
  • Vice President: Ben Mathis
  • Secretary: H. Landers
  • Treasurer: R. Mahaffey

Jan, 23, 1953: Glade Volunteer Fire Department purchased it's first engine. Engine #1 was a American LaFrance that carried 700 gallons of water. It was housed at the Warren Boro Garage on Madison Ave near Buchanan St. The Engine was purchased for $11,045.20.

June 1953: A work bee was held at 14 Hohman Road. The purpose of the work bee was to pour the footers for the new fire station. William Fuelhart was instrumental in securing the funds to build the new station.

Jan. 23, 1954: Engine #1 was moved from the Warren Boro Garage to the new station.

May 6, 1954: An open house was held to display the new station and Engine #1.

Aug. 30, 1954: The "Tower" was dedicated. The tower was not only used to hang hose to dry but it was used as a lookout point for enemy airplanes.

May 8, 1957: A siren was placed in service at the station to alert members of incidents. This same siren is still in use today but has been relocated to the end of the building. The siren has been converted into a weather warning siren.

Jan. 1958: The Glade Volunteer Fire Department Relief Association was formed. The association is to provide equipment and training to the fire department. The relief associations in Pennsylvania were established in 1895 with the passage of a law that levied a two percent tax on foreign fire insurance premiums. The legislation was enacted in order to encourage individuals to participate in the fire service by making funds available which could be used to provide benefits to protect volunteer firefighters and their families.

Jul. 25, 1958: This was a happy day for the Glade Volunteer Fire Department. The members of the fire department held a mortgage burning ceremony for the mortgage on the station.

May 1959: Members of the fire department purchased dress uniforms from JC Penny.

1963: Glade VFD purchased it's second engine. Engine #2 was purchased from Celeron, NY Volunteer Fire Department for $3,500.00, It had a 500 gallon per minute front mount pump and a 500 gallon water tank.

Oct. 1976: The department purchased Engine #3. It was purchased from Salisbury Inc. in Tully, Ny. This was the first engine of it's kind made in the United States. It was an International Chassis with a 1000 GPM pump, 1000 gallon water tank and had air operated valves. Glade VFD paid $52,000.00 for the Engine. The Engine was retired from service in 2001 after serving the department well for all those years and replaced with Tanker 576.

Jan. 23, 1979: Engine #4 was placed in service. The mini-pumper was made from a 1964 Jeep Kaiser 5/4 ton. The vehicle was received through the Pa Department of Forestry and was used for forestry fire fighting and as a supply engine. It had a 500 GPM front mounted pump, 265 gallon water tank and a small pressure portable pump. Engine #2 was sold and the pump was placed on Engine #4 This vehicle was retired and sold to Union City, Pa Volunteer Fire Department. It was replaced by Utility 578

Nov. 1981: Glade VFD purchased Engine #5. It was a 1981 GMC chassis built by Salisbury. It had a 500 GPM front mount pump and 500 gallon water tank. This engine was moved to reserve status in 2006 when we purchased another engine.

1987: In an effort to increase the water capabilities for firefighting on upper Cobham Park Road, members began installation of a 1000 GPM pump near the township building. The pump is connected to the municipal hydrant system when additional water supply is needed beyond the township building. r/>

1987: A committee was formed within the fire department to begin a fund raiser for a water rescue boat and water rescue equipment.

Jun. 1989: Glade VFD purchased it's first water rescue boat. The craft is a 1989 Avon SS460 16 foot inflatable boat with a Yamaha 40Hp jet drive motor.

Sept. 1989: Members of Glade VFD began construction on an additional bay at the station to house our boat and future rescue vehicle.

Aug. 1990: Rescue 571 was placed in service. The vehicle was a 1986 Dodge 4wd 1/2 ton pickup truck. Members took the bed off the chassis and replaced it with an aluminum utility bed. The vehicle was used to haul the boat and equipment and ran first out for QRS calls in the township.

Jun. 1991: Glade VFD entered the digital world with the purchase of it first computer. The computer was used for fire reports using a software package called Prober Chief. Prober Chief has since been bought out by FireHouse software.

May 1992: A committee was formed to begin looking at a larger rescue vehicle. The department has out-grown Rescue 571 and needed to upgrade to a larger, heavier vehicle.

1994: Rich Ristau, Kevin Jarvie and Red Phelps developed and submitted a plan to the Commonwealth to purchase 30 acres of property on Hatch Run Road near the intersection of Hatch Drive for use as a sub station and training grounds.

May 1995: Members of Glade VFD attended the Fire Expo in Harrisburg and found a 1995 Ford Rescue vehicle. The members attending felt this vehicle was a perfect fit for the department's rescue needs so we brought the vehicle back to Warren for all of the members to look at. It was decided to purchase the vehicle after some modifications were made by the manufacturer. The vehicle was sent back to North Carolina where the compartments were modified, a 9000lbs winch and other various modifications.

Jan 1996: Rescue 572 was placed in service. The vehicle is used as the first out QRS vehicle and carries the Amkus Rescue tool and other rescue equipment. It also carries 2 SCBA's, a portable generator and the multi-gas detector.

Jan 23, 2000: Glade VFD placed it's new tanker in service. Tanker 576 is a 4 guys 1500 gallon tanker with a 1250 GPM midship pump. It has an 8" round quick dump on the rear and carries 1000 feet of 5" LDH. This tanker replaced Engine 573.

Sept 2001: Utility 578 was placed in service. This vehicle replaced Engine 574 as a forestry firefighting vehicle. It is a 1986 Chevy K3500 series truck that was military surplus. The bed was removed from the vehicle and replaced with a utility bed. It carries all of our water rescue equipment, forest fire fighting equipment and has a 250 gallon water tank with a high pressure water pump with class A foam capabilities. This vehicle like the one it replaced, was designed and build by the members of the Glade VFD.

2004: Glade VFD received a donation of a 16' Silinger inflatable boat. The boat was located in Virginia and was donated to the department for water rescue purposes. The boat will be used as a front line boat and will serve the department for years to come.

Jun 28, 2005: Glade VFD took possession of a $71,000.00 25' Proline boat to be used for Water rescue on the Allegheny Reservoir. The boat was initially purchased by the Region II Emergency Response Group for the Warren County Sheriff's Office. Due to political strife, the boat was turned over to Glade VFD. The boat is equipped with Radar, GPS, Depth finder, emergency lights, siren, and work lights.

Feb 28, 2006: Glade VFD approved the purchase of it's newest addition to the fleet. A 2001 HME custom Chassis built by Rosenbauer. The Engine came from Gulf Shores FD in Alabama. We purchased the engine for $105,000.00 with some modifications of equipment.

April 15, 2006: Engine 575 was moved to reserve status when we placed Engine 571 in service. 571 is a 2001 HME custom chassis build by Rosenbauer. It has a 5 person cab, 500 gallons of water and a 1250 GPM pump. It carries 1100 feet of 5" LDH, our vehicle extrication equipment and several SCBA's.

Apr 25, 2006: Glade VFD finally started construction on it's Station #2. The building is a 30'X64' pole building that will be built at the site. The building will be used initially as a cold storage building with plans of it being used as a sub-station and a training facility. The construction foreman will be Earl Woodburn.

Sept, 2006: Glade VFD was awarded a $49,318.00 grant thru the Department of Homeland Security. The grant will be used to purchase 7 new air packs and 13 sets of turn out gear. This is a competitive grant that is very difficult to obtain.

Dec 2006: The construction at Station #2 has been finished. The exterior of the structure has been finished and the electrical service is installed. The interior of the structure is not finished but Engine 575 and the Proline boat is moved to the station for storage.

July 2006: Glade VFD took possession of a new unit called side scan sonar. The sonar units allows us to see things under water by displaying images on a computer screen.

October 2006: The concrete floor at Station #2 was poured, the drains for all of the plumbing and the heat tubes were installed.

October 23, 2007: Firefighter Robert Knapp was recognized for his 50 years of service to the Glade VFD.

November 2007: Glade VFD was awarded a $24,000.00 grant thru the Department of Homeland Security Assistance to Firefighters program to purchase dry suits for the water rescue team. Also purchased was ropes, PFD's, helments, boots, gloves and various other equipment to protect the personnel.

July 4, 2008: Glade VFD was awarded a $42,471.00 grant thru the Department of Homeland Security Assistance to Firefighters program to purchase rapid intervention team equipment.

September 2008: Glade VFD took possession of a new underwater robot with an installed camera. The robot can dive 250 feet and the operator is able to sit on the surface and view what is in front of the robot.

October 2008: Glade VFD was the first department in Warren County to receive recognition from the Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioners office as a participating department in the Commonwealth's Certification Program. Several members of the department have been working on getting certified as Firefighter I's. Firefighter I is a nationally sanctioned professional qualification standard.

November 2008: Glade VFD signed an agreement with PA Fire Recovery Service to manage billing services for the fire department. Beginning Jan 1, 2008 Glade will start billing insurance companies for services rendered.

April 2, 2010: Glade VFD was awarded $11,475.29 from the Pennsylvania Office of the State Fire Commissioner for a construction project at our Station #1. The ceilings and lights in the apparatus bay will be placed.

April 16, 2010: Glade VFD was awarded a $115,000 Assistance to Firefighters Grant for the replacement of our brush unit.

May 2010: Glade VFD was awarded $15,658 from the Department of the Interior for the purchase of wildland firefighting equipment.

Aug 27,2010: Glade VFD took possession of an 18' enclosed technical rescue trailer from the Region II Emergency Response Group to carry our technical rescue equipment.

January 8, 2011: Glade VFD takes possession of our new Utility 578. A 2011 Ford F550 chassis built by Firefly Fire Equipment carries 230 gal of water with a 10 gal foam cell, a Compressed Air Foam System and compartments built on an aluminum flatbed.